Welcome to Spirit Path, a place where community is formed, questions are explored and stories shared.

Looking for new ways of expressing your faith?

Wanting to engage in conversations that matter?

Spirit Path is a ministry initiated by the United Church in Winnipeg to explore new ways of expressing faith in the modern world. It is not bound by conventional understandings of church. Worship is dynamic, flexible, interactive, challenging, creative, and fun! It takes church out of the building. Our church is wherever we gather in God’s name.
Most months, Spirit Path events include house gatherings, a pub gathering, a community spirit event and an all-ages worship experience.

We seek to grow a ministry that:

  • recognizes different Christian faith traditions;
  • embraces a small group model;
  • nurtures and enables the gifts of its members; and
  • seeks to connect with social justice partners

Spirit Path – a ministry of the United Church of Canada.